Founded in 1980, Sans Frontière is a multi disciplinary player specialized in large events and showbusiness technical and logistic aspects as well as the production and stage set up. Supplying the companies and its clients with global technical solutions in various stage domains, sound, light and video.


Sans Frontière company is also a creator and conceptor of unique decors, furnitures, tailor made volume and proper technical solutions towards scenography and museography universes. Within this expanding field, SF Expo has taken a step ahead to focus and provide the attention it truly deserves ! 


SF Expo strong side resides in its capacity to embrace a project from A to Z, from the conceptual study phases in the workshop, to a full set up on site, and also including maintenance operations.


SF Expo technical capacity allows for each element in a given project to be manufactured in our workshops. This exclusivity in handling the various elements allows us to anticipate and control any potential material or technical problem. It insures the client fast and reliable solutions, and a production aligned with the concept of the project.


Sans Frontière is also a design office regrouping the drawing and calculation functions. From the control of structure stability to the set up plans and techniques, as well as assembling furnitures and volumes, every task of production inside a project can be found whitin the study department.


Always seeking an optimization of the principles of manufacturing, Sans Frontière and its division SF Expo are placing a priority in developping ergonomic solutions in terms of storage, transportation and classification.